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Aditi Kadam, World Bank

Research interests: 

Applied Econometrics, Labor, Poverty, Gender, Agriculture, Survey measurement

I am a consultant at the South Asia Gender Innovation Lab (SAR GIL) with The World Bank Group. I recently completed my Ph.D. from the Department of Agricultural & Applied Economics at the University of Georgia in July 2023. My research focuses on solving social issues using an evidence-based quantitative approach in developing countries. Specifically, I am interested in women's experiences with gender-based gaps. With my research, I focus on two main problems revolving around studying gender-based gaps, measurement of gender norms, and identifying barriers causing gender gaps.


Prior to enrolling in the Ph.D. program, I attained an MS in Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. I worked as a Research Analyst for the Center for Monitoring Indian Economy (Mumbai, India) before pursuing graduate school.

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